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Best Cheap Online Medan Flower Shop Asry Florist

Updated on Maret 7th, 2020

Medan Cheap Flower Shop Asry Florist

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Address of flower shop in Medan:
you can come to visit our store: Jalan Gaharu, Medan Timur sub-district, Medan City, North Sumatra, postcode: 20235.

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Update: [#medanflowershop].
A little story about Medan city.

Last December, I returned home for the first time in 3.5+ years. Some things have changed; some others I have forgotten but are very familiar with. And it is a beautiful thing to experience my hometown again, this time as a ‘tourist’.

Medan is the fourth largest city in Indonesia. This is the largest island outside Java and is the capital of North Sumatra. The city has good urbanization but is not a metropolitan city, with only a few tall buildings.

Most of the townspeople here live in 4-story houses, although parts of the city of Medan are not yet developed. Previously colonized by the Dutch, old buildings in Medan seemed to show the influence of architecture similar to the Dutch.

In the field there is a famous landmark known as PP London Sumatra, a subsidiary of the national food conglomerate Indofood. PP London Sumatra has more than 100,000 hectares of plantations: oil palm, cocoa, rubber, tea and other well-known commodities from our province.

Plantations can be seen in the area around Medan, which you will pass from our new airport in the Deli Serdang area. When I was a child, our airport was located in Medan. The new Kualanamu Airport is 1.5 hours drive away. Much further than what it used to be, but in exchange for a beautiful view.

One very striking change that I saw when I first arrived: a new form of advertising had taken over the entire province.

I really admire the traces of our retro-style landmarks. I used to see this iconic building every day and I didn’t know how to appreciate it, but after five years living in Singapore, seeing it again made me feel excited and I began to realize that my hometown wasn’t half bad. .

There is also our Post Office building located near Merdeka Square and right at the zero point, precisely in the city center.

There is also a big clock which is not far from Medan Fair, a popular mall in our city, which incidentally I never visited much at that time. I have my own favorite mall which I will share in one of my next posts!

Tjong A Fie Mansion, referred to as the # 1 tourist attraction in Medan according to TripAdvisor user ratings. Tjong A Fie is a well-known leader of the Chinese community with strong economic and political ties to the city. Even today, the Chinese community seems to be developing rapidly in Medan, which is a characteristic that distinguishes it from other big cities in Indonesia.

And this is a bit of modernity that is thrown into the mix. There is a small white building right in front, which was built in the Dutch East Indies era as a financial center called De Javasche Bank. But that was 1908. Fast forward a century and the building was now overshadowed by a skyscraper called the Grand Aston City Hall.

De Javasche Bank is now called Bank Indonesia, another different building.

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But if I can only choose one of the truly iconic landmarks in Medan, I have to give it to Tirtanadi Water Tower.

When it was first built in 1908, it was very important in providing an abundant supply of clean water for the local population. At that time, only the middle class and above could afford it, while those who could not afford it still had to rely on the well. To be honest, I didn’t know about history when I was young, but its unique shape and color make it the single best known landmark in Medan.

Most of the historic buildings above are located close together, close to the oldest street in Medan called Kesawan. Formerly the economic heart of the city.

A little further from there is our local newspaper office called The Daily Analysis. I have a soft spot for them because I used to send articles to them when I was a child, around 7-10 years. Really, it’s very embarrassing to write if you ask me, but the initial efforts that were published somewhat helped to shape my interest in eventually becoming a student of mass communication.

Of course, that is not everything that Medan has to offer. Even though Medan is not a big tourist attraction (expected), this is the city where I lived for the first 16 years of my life and I found many memories when I was there.

I have left Medan for half a decade to pursue my dreams, but it is always wonderful to look back to where we came from from a new perspective.

What is your hometown like? How do you feel about remembering it years after you left? How do you compare it with my hometown in Medan?
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